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Description of
Flipping Book PDF Publisher
The Flipping Book PDF Publisher allows easily add Flipping Book on your website or create CD/DVD/Blu-Ray disk with stunning presentation. Just select one or several PDF documents, configure the look of the book and click publish button. Desktop application (Windows only).

Get flip book in few mouse clicks. Add PDF document, click publish, and test ready-to-use flipping book. Keyboard shortcuts, intuitive interface, document contents menu, page thumbnail images, bookmarks, search, bookshelf. Everything you need to feel comfortable with the published document.

Flipping Book PDF Publisher Features:

Bookshelf view
Publish a set of books at once. Your visitor will get easy access to any book through the bookshelf.

Print feature
Instant print of selected pages or all pages of the book right from the program interface.

Finding text
The Flipping Book PDF viewer provides handy tool to find text in the PDF document.

Highly customizable
Supports all the features you'll possibly need and these features can be configured the way you like.

Keyboard control
All frequently used actions with the flip book can be done with keyboard only. Enter - Zoom. Space or Right Arrow - Next Page, Left Arrow - Previous Page, Up/Down Arrows in Zoom mode - scroll the page, ESC - go to Bookshelf.

Easy to use
Get flip book in few mouse clicks. Add PDF document, click publish, and test ready-to-use flipping book. Keyboard shortcuts, intuitive interface, document contents menu, page thumbnail images, bookmarks, search, bookshelf. Everything you need to feel comfortable with the published document.

Look and Feel
Flip through pages like in a real book. User friendly interface. Modern skin with rounded corners, nice icons.

Quick page zoom
You can zoom document page in one mouse click and then control your page only with mouse movements.

Sharing links
Share links to your book and specific pages in the book. The visitor can easily get link to a specific page in the flip book.

Webcam Motion Control
Control the flip book without keyboard or mouse, just move your hands in front of webcam to turn pages.

Navigating documents
Published flip book provides user-friendly controls to navigate through PDF documents. You can navigate in PDF documents by using navigational tools: page bookmarks, page thumbnails, pdf table of content, inner links.

All features you want
Flipping book effect, intuitive navigation and zoom, search feature, mouse roller to flip pages, advanced page rendering, PDF bookshelf, page preloader, fullscreen mode... Everything you need for desktop reader.

* Platforms : Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000
Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista
Flipping Book PDF Publisher
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Author: Web Stunning
License: Freeware
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